Aker Sentinel offerings include virtually all services and activities typical of a corporate IT environment. We do most work remotely, which allows us to be more nimble and drive costs down, which benefits everyone.

  • We bring IT expertise and an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing businesses today.
  • We strive to create the best user experience for all our clients.
  • We put over 600 certified U.S. based technicians on the job for you. This greatly enhances user satisfaction with our help desk and consulting services.


One of our main missions has always been to prevent your intellectual or proprietary property from leaving your control.

We provide consulting services to U.S. engineering companies facing information security challenges faced while contracting/partnering with foreign manufacturers whose culture and laws don’t tend to benefit US companies.

We have found threats are often misunderstood and results in either too much or too little being done.

Aker Sentinel offers both business and IT consulting to help your company design a “right-sized” security program to mitigate your unique risks.


Aker Sentinel designs, implements, and maintains networks for offices of 50-2000 devices. Our network architects are highly skilled and work with our business consultants to help you determine requirements for your networked devices and services.

Whether you maintain an in-house datacenter or outsource some or all of your needs, we have the experience to help nearly any company improve performance, productivity, security, and the bottom line.  


Many SMBs have a CFO or COO fill the role of the CIO. Others may not have any representation for the IT Department. As a major cost center to most businesses, this is often a significant mistake. However, a full-time CIO is not necessarily the right answer either.

A company that is going places recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong  IT infrastructure, policies and procedures, and information and physical security. Most companies do not have the experience among their staff to properly advise the C-Suite. This can, and most likely will, lead to mistakes that will cost the business critical resources and expose them to a loss of trust among their clients and strategic partners. Strategic planning, budgeting and presenting initiatives and challenges to a Board of Directors are also common needs of our clients and we will help you do this with confidence and integrity. Call us for a free consultation.